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Lower Your Appraised Value By Appealing Your Tax Protest

Each year, many commercial property owners pay property tax based on an appraised value that is too high or not equal and uniform. You have rights as a commercial property owner in Texas. The Texas Tax Code allows you to protest the value rendered by the Appraisal District. This initial phase is often daunting and confusing. We suggest that you hire an experienced property tax consultant to aid you in this process. There are many deadlines and requirements that must be followed when protesting your property’s value. Therefore, it is important to hire the right tax consultant to protest your commercial property’s value. In the event your tax consultant cannot reduce your commercial property’s value to a satisfactory amount, then you are essentially left with one option, file an appeal.

Preston J. Dugas is a property tax attorney who has filed thousands of property tax appeals all over the State of Texas and has achieved highly successful outcomes for clients including two jury trial verdicts that significantly reduced his clients commercial property value.

Our office in Fort Worth, TX, can ensure that your property is appraised accurately. Time is of the essence when it comes to property tax disputes, and we urge you to call our office at (817) 945-3061 or contact us online as soon as possible to discuss your appeal.

More information about your right to protest and appeal can be found on the Texas Comptroller’s website.

Texas Property Tax Law

We understand the financial burden that an annual property tax can have on your ownership of property, especially if you feel that your property is appraised inaccurately. Once your property evaluation is issued in May, you will have a very limited time period to file a protest in front of the appraisal review board. The appraisal review board typically consists of local citizens with little expertise in property valuation who are charged with determining the value of your commercial property. Commercial Property values are often assessed at a higher market value than what is appropriate.

The appraisal review board often follows the recommendation of the appraisal district regarding the value of your property. When they do, it is your responsibility to file an appeal. Mr. Dugas can help you file an appeal demonstrating the true value of your property, which can reduce the amount of taxes that you will be responsible for paying.

How Our Firm Can Help

Our firm is dedicated to serving your best interests, and we have helped clients achieve fair results for more than a decade.

Your commercial property is evaluated using standard appraisal methods; however, there are many important factors that can influence the value of your property and your property tax. Mr. Dugas works with knowledgeable professionals to ensure that every detail of your property is taken into account and that your property is evaluated fairly and accurately.

Why Choose Mr. Dugas?

Mr. Dugas has taken multiple property tax lawsuits to trial and has been highly successful in achieving successful verdicts. In addition, he works with tax consultants and other authorities to help you achieve a more satisfying outcome. To further enhance the client experience, we offer free consultations. While Mr. Dugas is working on your case, you can expect constant communication to help you feel at ease.

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Mr. Dugas has been voted a Top Attorney by Fort Worth Magazine since 2010. With his help, you can avoid paying more taxes than you actually owe.