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We Can Help Manage Your Fire Insurance Claim

After a fire occurs to your home or business working with an insurance company can be daunting. Your insurance carrier will require documentation to support each loss as a result of the fire, which can take days to gather. Let us help with your fire insurance claim to take away the burden from you, so you can focus on rebuilding your home/business. Hiring an attorney to manage the process will help streamline the claim and ensure that you are being compensated properly. In Ft. Worth, TX, attorney Preston Dugas helps property owners with fire insurance claims.

Fire Insurance Claims Are Also Routinely Denied

Just like with any insurance policy, if you pay your premiums you expect to be compensated when there is a loss. Fire insurance is intended to cover loss of property, both real and personal, in the event of a fire. Unfortunately, a homeowner’s stress can be compounded when the insurance company refuses to pay after a fire. Some common reasons given for denying a fire insurance claim are:

  • Claims that the fire was intentionally set (arson).
  • An untimely or incomplete investigation into the cause of the fire, the fire itself, and the aftermath.
  • Property that has been valued at less than what it is worth, resulting in the insurance company not making full payment.
  • Alleged violations of the terms of the insurance policy.

In order to challenge a denial, the homeowner must come forward with reliable evidence that the claim should have been paid. This requires a full investigation into the incident and a careful review of what the policy covers. When the insurance company fails to pay a valid claim, the homeowner should take action against the insurance company for bad faith. Our law firm is prepared to handle this type of action.

Our attorney will help with the denial of your fire insurance claim and also provide an emotional lift since you will no longer have to be the point person for your claim.

How Our Law Firm Can Help

If you experience a fire we can help you gather the necessary documents to support your losses. We can also help with the denial of your fire insurance claim by:

  • Taking on the burden of negotiating and communicating with the insurance company, which provides not only the legal assistance you need in deciphering the terms of your policy, but also an emotional lift as you no longer have to be the point person for your claim.
  • Fighting for full reimbursement, by pointing to key provisions of your policy and advocating on your behalf for repayment pursuant to the responsibilities of the insurance company as outlined in the policy.
  • Initiating legal action if the insurance company still refuses to pay. Specific legal rules and procedures must be followed, and your attorney will know when to file and what is required when you initiate a case.

When you partner with our law firm you can rest assured that your case has been placed in the hands of a knowledgeable attorney. Preston Dugas has successfully handled these types of cases, as well as other practice areas, in the past. Preston Dugas will take your case on a contingency fee basis and will work hard to get the results you need and want.

Complimentary Consultation

If you have questions about fire insurance claims, the extent of your fire insurance coverage, or what steps to take after a fire, contact us today for a free consultation.