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Homeowners vs. Flood Insurance in Hurricanes: Help Maximize Your Claim

By November 19, 2018October 4th, 2021No Comments

Hurricane Michael wrought tremendous damage to the state of Florida. Lives and livelihood were devastated, and the effects of the hurricane will be felt for years to come. The Fort Worth, TX-based legal team at the Preston Dugas Law Firm, PLLC believes in helping our neighbors in the Gulf Coast who have survived the storm and are looking to rebuild. We are here for you and your loved once when insurance companies make this difficult period even harder to endure.

When it comes to rebuilding after a hurricane, property damage disputes with insurance companies can be frustrating. There are different kinds of insurance for specific forms of hurricane damage. Let’s consider homeowners insurance, flood insurance, and how a lawyer can help you navigate the differences and maximize claims.

About Homeowners Insurance in a Hurricane

Homeowners insurance will cover various kinds of damage that are related to a hurricane affecting your property. This may include wind damage and any harm to the home. In certain areas that have a high risk for hurricanes, wind damage may not be covered. Homeowners may have to purchase windstorm coverage to address hurricane wind damage. Be sure to check with your insurance provider regarding these matters.

About Flood Insurance in a Hurricane

While homeowners insurance can cover the cost of damage caused by burst water pipes at a property, it will not cover the damage caused by flooding outside of the home. This means that storm surges will require a separate insurance policy. That is where flood insurance comes into play.

Flood insurance is provided by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). These NFIP policies cover a maximum of $250,000 in property damage caused by flooding and $100,000 for certain contents in a home that have been damaged by flooding. Money, stock certificates, and jewelry is typically not covered by these flood insurance policies, so keep that in mind.

Temporary Accommodations When Evacuating a Hurricane

Generally, homeowners insurance and flood insurance will not cover temporary accommodations (such as travel and hotel expenses) when evacuating a hurricane. However, some homeowners insurance policies will cover the expense of temporary lodgings if you have returned home after the hurricane and have found your property uninhabitable.

Assessing Wind and Water Damage

Wind and water damage affects property in different ways. In order to determine how much your homeowners insurance and flood insurance will cover, it’s important to determine the amount of damage done by wind and by outside flooding. Insurance companies will take these differences seriously, and may attempt to lower the amount of your claim by suggesting that the hurricane damage is not technically covered by your policy.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

Given the various differences between homeowners insurance and flood insurance, it can be easy to have claims denied or receive less coverage than you are entitled to. That’s where an attorney can help.

An experienced property insurance attorney will be able to note the damage to your property and help you seek the maximum amount possible based on the nature of the damage. The attorney can also parse the language of your insurance policy to determine an ideal method to seek maximum coverage. For those trying to rebuild and recover after Hurricane Michael, this experience will prove invaluable.

Contact Our Law Firm

To learn more about the importance of legal counsel as you recover and rebuild after Hurricane Michael, be sure to contact the Preston Dugas Law Firm, PLLC. Our legal team is here to help you. You can reach our law office by phone at (817) 945-3061.